Key Stage 2 Curriculum - Years 3 to 6

Over the course of Key Stage 2 pupils continue to embed the skills acquired and are given opportunities to develop the ability to become an independent learner so that they are self-sufficient by the time they leave us and go to secondary school. This is achieved by providing a broad and balanced curriculum which includes many enrichment opportunities.

Pupils still focus on the necessary skills in the core subjects; English, mathematics and science, but are then given the means to practise these skills within other subjects. An example of this would be researching information in geography and then producing a report with charts.

At our school we base our planning on the Abacus schemes. We already had this for English and science but have recently purchased the mathematics and phonics (to support the main Letters and Sounds scheme) elements too.

The curriculum documents from the Department of Education can be found below by clicking the links.

You can also find our current plan for the curriculum in Key Stage 2.


KS2 English

KS2 English Curriculum Years 3 and 4

KS2 English Curriculum Years 5 and 6


KS2 Maths

KS2 Maths Curriculum Year 3

KS2 Maths Curriculum Year 4

KS2 Maths Curriculum Year 5

KS2 Maths Curriculum Year 6


KS2 Science

KS2 Science Curriculum Year 3

KS2 Science Curriculum Year 4

KS2 Science Curriculum Year 5

KS2 Science Curriculum Year 6


KS2 Art and Design

KS2 Art and Design Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 Computing

KS2 Computing Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 Design and Technology

KS2 Design and Technology Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 Geography

KS2 Geography Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 History

KS2 History Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 Foreign Language

KS2 Foreign Language Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 Music

KS2 Music Curriculum Years 3 to 6


KS2 Physical Education

KS2 Physical Education Curriculum Years 3 to 6


Please find below our Curriculum Coverage for the current cycle using the Cornerstones curriculum.