Here you will find a selection of comments made by the community about our schools.

What 3 adjectives would you use to describe our school?

  • Caring / Welcoming / Nurturing
  • Welcoming / Caring / Focused
  • Nurturing / Friendly / Intuitive
  • Creative / Social / Kind
  • Peaceful / Serene / Joyful

What do you love about the school?

  • The the school is small. Every child feelis like they belong to a family, almost like a private education, and each child is able to progress and have work tailoured to them.
  • The feel good factor of the school. The nurturing attitude of the staff and the high standard of education.
  • That my little girl has settled well and is happy to go to school.
  • Teachers know the children.
  • The school is small and very friendly. They work very hard to help each child, to show their strengths but also help extra with any weak areas.
  • My child loves learning in school as everyone is kind and understanding. My child thinks that it is not stressful.

What qualities are the school nurturing in your child / children?

  • Confidence - lovely to see what was our nervous and shy child develop and come out of their shell. Down to the nurturing nature of the staff, helping to allow that to happen.
  • The general well rounded attitude to others and a will and love of learning.
  • They are kind and caring to others.
  • Sympathy, empathy, understanding and kindness.
  • Kindness, sharing, listening, learning both mentally and physically.
  • The values of sharing, kindness and waiting for the slower person and helping them along the way.

Why did you choose our school?

  • Local school and always keen to support the local community. After looking around, I found it to be very welcoming.
  • We wanted to support our local school, and of the good reports we had heard.
  • Local.
  • Village school, low numbers, teachers are able to get to know children’s individual needs.
  • It was our local school and we wanted to support the local area.
  • Mr Grant came across as a great Head of the school who can educate children outdoor – doing maths in the fresh air etc.?????

What would you tell another parent who is considering the school for their child / children?

  • It's very child centric - looking after the needs of every child in it's care. Every child matters and that is clearly evident. It is not a production factory but a family team striving for the best for every pupil.
  • Do not hesitate! The school needs and should be your number one choice. 
  • It's a good school.
  • Go for it!
  • This school is fantastic. My child is doing amazing and nothing is too much trouble at school when needing help.
  • I would say that it’s a lovely school with caring staff who look out for each child to meet their needs accordingly.