Sports For Champions

North Cotes and Fulstow Federation thoroughly enjoyed the Sports For Champions day, where the children were inspired by Leon Baptiste who won gold in the 200m at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, claiming England’s first Commonwealth sprint gold since 1998.

Leon led all the children into back to back exersises before talking about his facinating journey that led him to the Commonwealth Games in 2010, which involved many obstacles in his life. However, with his Mum's support and sheer determination he realised his dream to become a top athlete and Gold medal winner.

Leon has now retired as a competative athlete, and has put his focus into a coaching career, and states that his 'story proves that you can achieve anything as long as you work hard and take it one day at a time.' 

He has also developed a new passion for boxing where he trains for 3-4 times a week!