Butlins Y5/6 Residential

At the end of September the children from Y5/6 from North Cotes went to Butlins on their residential trip with Fulstow and Grainthorpe. All the children had so much fun and did not want to leave. They got up to a lot of different activities and thanks to the activity leaders who did not let them stop. It was non stop as we were only there for three days. They were jam-packed days, including all sorts of activities such as Archery, High Ropes, Climbing Wall, Drum workshop, Funfair, Quasar, Swimming and many many more. They were also able to show off their skills when it came to Circus Skills, and their dancing skills in the Disco. 

The staff also joined in with the activities and were able to show off their circus skills.

We were commended on the children's behaviour and were told by the activity leaders that we were the best behaved residential school trip they had. 

A highlight was definitely the swimming pool to ourselves again, and playing Quasar. The children all loved their time at Butlins and have made many memories. 

Hope you all enjoy looking through the pictures from our time away and see the memories being made!