KS2 went with KS2 from Fulstow to the Lincoln Collection where we learnt about the ancient egyptians. We got to do lots of activites and everyone had a ncie day, It started off in a auditorium where we had a short talk about the Ancient Egyptians so those in charge got to know how much the children knew already. Then from here we split into the two schools so we could do different activities. First of all, we did a small tour around the musuem and then did a mummification where we learnt about each process that was carried out in the Egyptian times. Then we went upstairs where they taught us the letters that they used, called Hieroglypics and everyone was then practising writing thier name or a small quote on the Papyrus paper using the hieroglypics. 

After this we went and had lunch outside on the lawn, it was a lovely view down the road looking across Lincoln. Then the children had a short run around before we went back inside. The first activity we did after lunch was making amulets. Amulets are a sort of jewellery that they wore back in the Egyptian times, we all had a piece or air dough and could mould it into something for the amulet. Shortly after this we went back upstairs where we did an archaelogy dig where the children all had a section they had to search in order to find an artefact, then from what they had found they had to write about it as to what they thought it was, what was it used for and many other questions. After a long day, we headed back to school. Overall it was a very enjoyable day and all the children were able to get their hands in and experience different aspects of the Egyptian times.