Sports for Champions

On Tuesday 6th February, we were very lucky to have Laura Samuel come in for a sports morning with all of North Cotes Primary School and Fulstow Primary School. Laura Samuel is a Track and Field British athlete who competes in the triple jump. She is ranked third among British women in triple jump. She was the silver medalist at the 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics and at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Her personal best is 14.09m. 

To kick off the morning we had an active circuit. This included: Spotty dogs, Leg drives, Press ups and Star Jumps, each done for 1 minute. All of the children enjoyed this and wished they could have done it again! Then we went in to an assembly where Laura talked about how she got interested in Athletics and how it all started for her, after this she showed some of her exercises including the Bunny Jump, Hop, Skip and Jump. Some of the children tried these exercises and found they were more difficult than she made it seem. After that, she paced out her personal best of 14.09 in the classroom, which is longer than class 2 from wall to wall!

After that she went on to present the rewards for the sponsorship. All of us here at North Cotes want to say thank you to the children for doing a great job and for everyone else who sponsored them. We want to say a massive congratulations to Leah, Alex, Daniel and Lucy for doing really well and raising over £35 each. In collaboration with Fulstow, we raised over £500! 

Overall, we all had a great morning and really enjoyed Laura coming in. Once again, Well done everyone for all your hard work!