Year 3 and 4s

For Science, the years 3 and 4s have been looking at Solids, Liquids and Gases. Firstly, we sorted different items into Solids and Liquids and have to give a definition of each and why we know they are a Solid or a Liquid. Then, we went on to think about Solids that can act like a Liquid such as; Rice, Lentils, Flour, Sugar and so on. We poured them between two containers to see how they acted. After that, we moved on to talk about Gases and how they behave. For this we looked at different objects to see how gas behaved in different ways. Some objects were an air bed, sparkling water and a balloon. Next, we had a lesson outside and looked at a gas cooker to see if we could see a flame and then we used this flame to cook sausages outside so we could enjoy a mini hotdog. Next, we were classifying materials and were given a list of three items and we had to say which one was the odd one out and why we chose that one.