Welcome Back!

Class 1 have had a super first week back at school! They have settled in very well, and have ensured that our new friends have felt welcomed and happy in their new school.

The children have enjoyed the start of our new topic which is 'The Enchanted Woodland', and have been busy looking for fairies, taking bark rubbings and identifying birds and trees. They were particularly excited when they saw some bright lights in the woodland, which led them to discover a mini teaset that had been hidden in the undergrowth! I wonder how that may have happened?

Mr Dixon was very pleased with Class 1's P.E skills this week, where they followed instructions well and had great fun!

Class 1 have also been very creative using various materials to make a Fairy or an Elf; demonstrating great artistic and fine motor skills!

Maths has been fun this week, where our focus for the next few weeks will be 'number and place value', and the children have enjoyed  playing Numicon games which is a fantastic resource to aid this!

Keep up the good work Class 1, you are all amazing!