Mr Fox's Party

The children were delighted to receive an invitation to a Woodland Party from Mr Fox yesterday. They followed the trail of leaves into the Woodland and found a letter addressed to our 'Woodland Explorers', which asked if they could also bring a favourite woodland story to read at the party.

The children wrote letters of thanks to Mr Fox, accepting his invitation and explaining that they had been learning about Woodlands in their topic this term. They explained that they had been learning about woodland animals and their habitats, as well as deciduous  and evergreen trees and other plants that you may find in a Woodland.

The children also wrote lists of items that we would need for the party and made woodland animal masks to wear.

The morning was spent preparing for the party which included making cakes, mini apple and blackberry crumbles and some woodland chocolate nests.

In Mr Fox's invitation he had said that he would leave a trail to find him, and sure enough the children spied a fir cone and conker trail that led straight to Mr Fox!

The party was a great success, where the children played games, read stories and enjoyed the food that they had made.

Thank-you Mr Fox for a wonderful party, we had so much fun!