Surprise delivery for Class 1

During an English lesson, the children were delighted to individually receive a package asking them to take care of it.

Where has it come from?

Who has sent it?

How will the children decide to look after their package?

We have already discussed these questions as a class and have come up with some good ideas already; linking some ideas to the book that we have started to read, even though we don't even know the title of the book yet!

Watch this space for more clues about the book and more rich dialogue and ideas from Class 1.



Taking care of something

One of our classmates decided to act upon the instruction of the surprise package by making a cosy bed for it....

What a lovely, caring thought!


What could this package be?

Class 1 had a great dicussion about why they may have received their package and what it could be.

Some thought it could be an egg; penguin or forest creature. One classmate thought it may have been sand that had turned into a rock overtime. Another thought it could have been washed up on a beach and was a fossil. Another thought that it was just a rock where somebody else thought it may be a baby to look after.

What fantastic ideas you have Class 1....we shall just have to 'sea'!

Noi's game!

Well, Mrs Payne is being very mean, and even though we have looked at three pages in the book, we still don't know what the title is yet!

However, we do know that one of the characters is a boy called Noi, who lives with his dad and six cats by the sea.

Noi, had collected some materials like shells, stones, netting etc. that you may find on the beach and thought that he might like to do something with his collection.

So, Class 1 decided to make a game for him; writing instructions on how to play it as well!

Great work Class 1, your games were very well thought through and fun! Your instructions were also easy to follow, well done!