Chaos in Santa's Workshop!

The children were very excited to see Bub the Elf back again, however when they came into school this morning they were surprised to see that Bub had not only stuck Santa down the chimney, but had also sabotaged Santa's Worshop! Tut, tut, tut!

Class One takes matters into their own hands!

Class One wasted no time and decided to write to Papa Elf to explain what the naughty Elf had done.

They made sure that the letters were sent off to Papa Elf in a stamped addressed  envelope, and waited in anticipation for a reply.

Great writing Class One!

Bub apologises!

Sure enough, Papa Elf receives all the letters from the children and sends Stardust Twinkle to show Bub how to be a good Elf.

Bub wrote back to the children to apologise, and suggested that we could help Santa by working together to wrap up the presents in the workshop.

Good idea Bub!


Santa's little helper!

All the children did an excellent job in helping Santa wrap up and write tags on the presents.

Well done Class One, I am sure that Santa appreciated your help!