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Thought for March 2018

Going for Gold!

Having watched the recent Winter Olympics, I was struck by the courage and sheer resilience of some of the competitors.  The British Ice Dance duo had undergone some tough times when Penny Coomes shattered her kneecap in training.  Watching some of the footage from her rehab showed how grueling and painful the road to recovery is.  Watching her dance in this Olympics (after what many would consider a career-ending injury) was a joy and she showed how emotional she was afterwards.


Lent is a bit like that for us.  It is a time of spiritual stock-taking when we may discover that we need to put things right, and re-discover our resilience.  We are encouraged to give up things in order to develop our spiritual muscles, or start to do things that put us on the right path.


During Lent we look towards the Cross, when we are redeemed by God (after what the Bible describes as the Fall).  We have the opportunity for our spiritual rehabilitation - however painful and grueling.  We are encouraged to set our sights on heavenly goals.


As we are exhorted in the Book of Hebrews ‘…let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of  our faith.’

          With blessings,

Ann Woadden (Authorised Lay Minister).